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Our Story

Montessori Glory was founded by a passionate mom of two, Othmane and Rita. After completing her engineering studies and working in the airline industry for several years, she joined her father's school to assist with its management. It was during this time that she discovered the fascinating world of education.

Motivated by the challenges she observed in many children's learning journeys, she embarked on a mission to explore different pedagogical approaches that could help young children overcome these difficulties. It was through this exploration that she came across Montessori education, which resonated deeply with her.

Upon moving to Switzerland, she made the decision to become certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), delving into the comprehensive Montessori approach. Eager to apply her newfound knowledge, she first implemented Montessori principles at home with her own son, witnessing firsthand their remarkable effectiveness.

The global pandemic served as a catalyst for her journey as a Montessori consultant. She began assisting her friends in implementing Montessori principles in their homes, specifically focusing on supporting their children's learning journeys. This experience led to the birth of Montessori Glory—an online platform designed to provide parents with the tools and resources they need to implement Montessori principles effectively.

Our Mission 

At Montessori Glory, we believe that every child deserves a solid learning foundation. Our mission is to empower parents with the knowledge and practical guidance to implement Montessori principles at home, regardless of whether their children attend Montessori schools.



Our Signature Program: Making Math Mathamazing

One of our flagship programs is "Making Math Mathamazing." This carefully designed program is tailored to help parents build the essential mathematical foundations that all children need. By following our program, parents gain the necessary insights and techniques to support their children's mathematical learning journey in a Montessori-inspired way.

Our Services

Create a stimulating and nurturing learning environment for your children.

Through Montessori Glory, I help parents and teachers in developing a Montessori-based curriculum and activities that are tailored to each child’s unique interests and learning style. These promote sensory exploration, practical life skills, language development, and mathematical concepts. With my engineering background, I have designed a unique Maths Program “Build Your Child’s Math Foundations” following the Montessori Pedagogy.

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